Quantum Biofeedback Testimonials


The following testimonials are the direct experience from a range of our clients that have undergone  our therapy plan.  Please note that Quantum Biofeedback is designed to detect and balance stress.

My daughter Sarah suffered with a number of symptoms prior to receiving Quantum Biofeedback Therapy. They included allergies and eczema, with the constant itching making her very stressed. She was also struggling with school and learning. Since receiving Quantum Biofeedback, her outlook on life has totally changed. Her allergies and eczema are gone, and she is now loving school because her learning capacity has improved dramatically. A big thank you to Justin and the Team.

Gina, 43, Ballarat.


For years I have suffered with terrible symptoms and pain. Physically, my energy levels were always extremely low. I also always had heartburn and indigestion. Constant aches and pains through my joints made me very miserable and depressed. I had tried a number of treatments that made very little difference.
I heard Justin talking about Quantum Biofeedback on the radio, and the symptoms he was talking about sounded very similar to mine. I decided to try the Quantum Biofeedback, and it was the best decision I have ever made.
Within about three weeks my indigestion and heartburn were totally gone, and my aches and pains had reduced by about 90 percent.
The best change was my energy levels. My energy increased dramatically, and has stayed high to this day. If you are suffering with symptoms, I would highly recommend Quantum Biofeedback Therapy.

Kevin Hollis.


A friend of mine recommended Quantum Biofeedback Therapy to me because he had had great results with it. I was quite sceptical, but decided to give it a go because I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!
I had constant headaches, low energy, a lot of stomach pain, and extreme muscle and joint pain. I am a builder by trade, and over the last five years I had to cut my work hours back because I simply wasn't able to function very well.
Initially I had four Quantum Biofeedback sessions over six weeks. I was feeling noticeably better after my second session. Justin also gave me some drops to clear the acid from my system.
I could not speak highly enough of my results. My energy is great, and I no longer have headaches or stomach pain.
My muscles and joints don't ache any more, and I can work a lot more hours which has been great for my business.

Jo Farley, 45.


Up until the age of 32 I had a normal life. My only health issue was hay fever with I had suffered with from the age of 13. In 1998 I begun having allergies, similar in nature to anxiety attacks, with extreme difficulty in breathing, feeling like I was going to collapse and become unconscious, felt very weak and could hardly walk. I had chest pains and feeling of doom (that I was going to die) These attacks were frequent and very frightening. They would last for about an hour and start without warning. These attacks became more regular, and within twelve months had become a daily occurrence. I went to my GP (1999) and had blood tests, X-rays etc. All results were normal. I had no idea what was wrong with me. The GP suggested that it may be allergies. By now the attacks were worse, lasting hours, sometimes all day and all night, and truly felt I was going to die. I thought my life was over at age 34! It became obvious over time that I was allergic to perfume. After waiting months to get into an allergy specialist, I was told I was allergic to pollen, dust mites, horse hair etc. I wasn't able to pat a horse (within minutes my body would be covered in red welts.) All of the normal things people do were now impossible (eg. Going to the supermarket) due to my allergies. I couldn't be in the same room as someone wearing fragrance. I was also having allergic reactions to many foods, including coffee, chocolate, malt, alcohol, preservatives, breads and pastries. In 2002 I was told by another allergy specialist that I had extremely sensitive lungs. I tried a number of different treatments with very little success. In 2004 Justin Batt told me about the Quantum Biofeedback therapy. After two sessions on the Quantum Biofeedback machine I was a different man. I could sit next to people wearing strong perfume and not react! I could ride and pat a horse and not react! I could eat and drink all foods again and not react! And I could go shopping! I am able to live a normal allergy fee life again thanks to Justin Batt and the Quantum Biofeedback machine. I spent nearly six years of my time, money, travel and effort, seeing allergy experts and got nowhere. My allergies totally ruined my life. I didn't give up all hope finding answers to my allergy problems; however there didn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel - until Quantum Biofeedback. It totally alleviated all my allergy problems, quickly, pain free, and I didn't have to leave Warrnambool. I highly recommend others suffering with health problems to experience Quantum Biofeedback therapy. It changed my life.

Mark Gray (age 38)


I had been feeling anxious, very impatient and wanting to cry all the time. This had been going on for a while, and I found it very worrying. I felt sick, didn't want my partner touching me, had headaches, felt depressed, had no energy, and felt like I was going to explode when I got angry. I also had hot flushes and was not sleeping. As you can see, I was a wreck. I had tried various treatments but nothing seemed to help. Nobody had any answers for me. I wasn't interested in anything, didn't want to do anything, and would sleep a lot on the couch during the day. My partner told me I had changed a lot. I didn't care, because everything was a hassle to me. I was told about Quantum Biofeedback, so I thought I would give it a go. He was describing a lot of the symptoms that I suffered from. After the first session on the Quantum Biofeedback machine I started to feel better. By the third session I had no more hot flushes, had more energy, and was feeling happier. Also my anger and impatience had subsided. I had no more tears and felt that I could cope with things again. I would highly recommend Quantum Biofeedback therapy to others, particularly those suffering with hormonal and emotional issues. It has certainly changed me for the better. Thanks Justin

Barbara, (age 48) Warrnambool


I chose to visit the Warrnambool Wellness Centre after a friend told me about the Quantum Biofeedback. The symptoms that he was explaining sounded exactly like me. They included constant mood sings, where it felt like I had absolutely no control of the situation. I had become an awful person to both my husband and five children, and felt helpless to change the situation. I had got to the point where I wanted to end my life because of the person I had become. The most frustrating part of this was that the person I was being, wasn't me, and I felt like I had totally lost myself. I decided to seek therapy at the Wellness Centre on the Quantum Biofeedback machine, and after my first session there was an incredible change. I felt great! My physical symptoms of fatigue and mood swings lifted, and my depression went away. During my following visits, I found myself becoming more and more positive. I have also begun to lose weight through the Quantum Biofeedback therapy, which is something I'd been trying to do for a long time. I get the same amount of sleep as I used to, but my energy is much better. This makes looking after my five children and milking cows thirteen times a week much easier. I'm playing netball again, and having so much fun. My libido has improved dramatically which certainty made my husband happier. This has greatly enhanced our relationship. My stress levels have dropped significantly, and if I don't get all my jobs done that day its no big deal. My relationship with my children has never been better. You can't imagine how that makes me feel, and its due to the fact that I'm back to being myself. If I could tell the whole world about the Quantum Biofeedback machine, and how good I feel about life because of the therapy, I would shout it from the roof tops! A huge thank you to Justin and Quantum Biofeedback. This has truly transformed my life

Julie B. (age 37)


A couple of months ago I heard about a lady who had attended the Wellness Centre suffering with symptoms of fatigue, depression, increased weight, and lack of motivation. I was feeling the same way so I decided to phone the Wellness Centre and make a booking on the Quantum Biofeedback machine. My results were amazing. After three  sessions I felt so alive! Justin explained to me where my weaknesses were in my system, and what needed to be done to rebalance my system. It all made a lot of sense. The funny thing is that I didn't realise how tired I was until I got my energy back. I just thought that I was lazy! When you don't know how good you can feel, you don't properly realise that there is such a problem. My life has really changed for the better, and I would highly recommend Quantum Biofeedback therapy.

Angie,37 Warrnambool


I live an extremely busy life. Have been married for 30 years, and have three grandchildren that I look after regularly. My husband runs a big business both here and interstate and we live a very hectic lifestyle. For a long time I had been feeling very stressed, depressed, and had extreme sugar cravings (to the point where I would drive miles to buy a tub of ice cream) It was an incredible struggle trying to keep everything together, both with personal and business life. I wasn't happy with the medication I was taking, because I didn't believe it was helping. I was becoming teary, fat, lazy, and unhappy. I heard about Quantum Biofeedback, and despite my scepticism decided to ring up and make an appointment. The results after four sessions have been simply outstanding. I am not tearful anymore, my sugar cravings have gone, and my energy has returned. Life feels so much easier. It's no longer a burden. I am coping very well. Before the Quantum Biofeedback therapy, I wasn't. I don't like to speak to my husband about my struggles because he has a lot on his plate, but he stated to me that he noticed a real change and improvement in me. I think its great. I am very happy that I made that phone call and experienced the Quantum Biofeedback therapy. It has definitely given me a "new lease on life". I would recommend anyone that leads a busy, hectic, and stressful life to try the Quantum Biofeedback therapy. It changed my life.

Jenny (age 48) Camperdown


For a long time I'd been feeling flat, had no endurance, and no drive to get stuck into life. I had a lack of enthusiasm for life in general, and no interest in having fun with my three children. Over time I had tried various health treatments and remedies without success. The difficulties in living with the way I was feeling was a daily struggle of trying to cope with a busy lifestyle without any energy. We have a family farm, and there are a lot of demands with a husband and three children. My lack or energy and enthusiasm permeated my personal and business life. I decided to visit the Wellness Centre after hearing about the Quantum Biofeedback machine, and the great results it was achieving. When I started the sessions,  my main issues were with hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, and adrenal weakness. My wellness plan involved Quantum Biofeedback therapy and a couple of supplements. I can only describe my results as outstanding! I have my energy back. My enthusiasm for life has returned, and I have started an exercise program. Before I received Quantum Biofeedback therapy, I would have not thought this was a problem. I would highly recommend Quantum Biofeedback therapy to others. You don't truly realise how bad you have been feeling until you start feeling good again. It's like you have been given a kick-start to life again. If you haven't been feeling great, make sure you get on the Quantum Biofeedback machine.

Yvonne, 42 Hamilton


I decided to visit the Wellness Centre after suffering with various symptoms for many years. I had big sleep problems. Most nights I would only sleep 1-2 hours. I also had mood swings and food cravings. I felt generally unwell, and was often very emotional. My doctor just put my symptoms down to change of life. HRT was prescribed. I took it for about 12 months, felt no better, so I went off it. Having hardly any sleep made me very hard to live with.  I received Quantum Biofeedback therapy at the Wellness Centre. Since the sessions, my sleeping has improved dramatically, I have lots more energy, and am now able to cope with everyday dramas. I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone.

Lyn (age 62) Kolora


For many years I suffered with depression and incapacitating fatigue. I was a patient in private clinics for my mental illness, as well as being on antidepressants for years and receiving psychotherapy. My symptoms were that I couldn't sleep, felt withdrawn, feeling of hopelessness, suicide thoughts, a feeling of unworthiness and not coping with living. I visited the Wellness Centre for Quantum Biofeeback threapy to see if it could help. Since receiving the treatment I am now coping with my life and my depression has lifted! I have a lot more energy, and feel more content. I am able to do a lot more day to day things and I feel happy. I never thought that I could ever feel happy again, so fore me it's unbelievable . I would certainly highly recommend the Wellness Centre  to anyone who has suffered with symptoms similar to mine. I can now look forward to "living", and a happy future.

Margaret K. (age 66) Warrnambool


When I first came to visit the Wellness Centre I was very sceptical about the Quantum Biofeedback therapy.  I had been to the doctors many times over the previous few years, for a wide range of symptoms, and had taken many different medications. Many of these medications just made me feel worse. The symptoms that I had suffered with for years included very poor digestion, with bloating and severe stomach pain to the point of passing out. Severe irritable bowel symptoms. I also felt incredibly lethargic all of the time and would sleep for long periods. This also caused a lot of mood swings and irritability. As well as seeing the doctors, who weren't able to help, I also tried Naturopathic medicine which gave me minor short term relief. The difficulties in living with my illness and symptoms were the feeling that I was slowly dying and being poisoned. I had cravings all the time for sweet things, and because of this I consumed large amounts of soft drink. I was also very hard to live with and didn't want to do anything with my family, and certainly didn't feel like working. I felt like my life was ruined. Visiting the Wellness Centre for the first time, the Quantum Biofeedback therapy was explained to me by Justin. I felt sceptical, but the sessions were totally pain free so I thought I may as well give it a go. From my very first session I noticed a difference in my wellbeing, and this was very encouraging. As I continued with the sessions, my health got better and better following each time. As I become healthier, Justin stretched sessions further apart because my system had more strength and balance. The results that I had received from the Quantum Biofeedback therapy have been wonderful. I have much more energy, I don't have sugar cravings, and the pain and bloating in my stomach has disappeared! THE QUALITY OF MY LIFE HAS IMPROVED BEYOND BELIEF. I would highly recommend the therapy I have received from the Wellness Centre for people who aren't feeling well and suffering from illness. My advice would be to give it a go. As you can imagine, I'm very happy I did. Remember, you don't have to live with pain and discomfort.

HAL G. (age 58 ) Hamilton


I decided to visit the Wellness Centre after hearing about it from a friend. I had suffered long term with symptoms of indigestion and heartburn. I also suffered with irritable bowl syndrome and colitis. I have tried many different treatments in the past including medication and natural therapies. Nothing seemed to help much, or for very long. I was also very conscious of what I was eating because many different foods would upset my system. I always seemed to have pain with my digestion and stomach, which was very uncomfortable and made me very irritable. I had no energy and always felt tired. I couldn't be bothered doing anything most of the time, and everything was an effort. When I first started Quantum Biofeedback Therapy, my system was very acidic and that the absorption rate of my digestion was extremely low. My sessions at the Wellness Centre involved Quantum Biofeedback therapy and supplementation. My results have been incredible. My pain has disappeared and my energy had returned. I have become a lot more active and feel like doing things again. I am genuinely enjoying life again and loving it. I have already recommended Quantum Biofeedback therapy to family and friends and will continue to do so. Thankyou Justin and the Quantum Biofeedback therapy.

Helen (age 47) Cobden


I first visited the Wellness Centre after hearing about the Quantum Biofeedback from a friend. My major symptoms were poor digestion and stomach pain, extreme fatigue, and my hair was falling out which was very distressing. I had tried many different prescription medications and had many doctors appointments without feeling any better. I was unable to cope with everyday life and was literally too tired to move much. This was a very depressing situation. This is when I decided to phone the Wellness Centre after hearing about the Quantum Biofeedback. The results I have received speak for themselves. I'm not feeling sick anymore, my energy is back, and my hair had thickened again. I am very pleased.

Jenny (age 57) Warrnambool


I visited the Wellness Centre after hearing about the Quantum Biofeedback system from a friend. For a long time I had suffered with very poor digestion which included constipation and diahrrea, as well as a lot of abdominal pain. I also had very poor sleep patterns, which obviously led to me feeling fatigued a lot of the time. Since receiving Quantum Biofeedback therapy at the Wellness Centre, my digestion has improved dramatically. No longer do I have any digestive problems. My sleep patterns now are extremely good which has really helped all aspects of my life. I would highly recommend Quantum Biofeedback therapy. Thanks Justin

Carmel, Warrnambool


I first went to the Wellness Centre after being hearing about it via word of mouth. I was very intrigued as well as being sceptical, but thought I would give it a go. For a long time I had suffered with severe anxiety, fatigue, and mood swings. Other treatments I had tried in the past included seeing a psychiatrist, doctors, antidepressants, and diets. I had great difficulty maintaining happy, positive relationships with my husband, children and friends. I was too tired to cook well balanced meals for my family . I felt very resentful, like I did everything for everyone else. I had no energy to run the house, or to help the kids with their homework. I had low self-esteem, negative thoughts, and did not feel appreciative of anybody or anything. Each day I did not want to get out of bed. I just wanted to sleep all day. I felt worried and scared about everything. I was over-dramatic and emotional, and had poor memory and attention span. I lived in a daze and a fog. There was no laughter. Quantum Biofeedback therapy has really changed my life. Now I'm much happier, positive, and fun to be around (so everyone tells me!) I have much more energy and don't worry or get fearful unnecessarily. I now love the mornings. I enjoy other peoples company, and have lots of fun with my kids and husband. My crying has stopped, I'm much more positive, and paying attention to detail. I'm loving home, family, friends and work. I'm the most positive I have been in years. I would very highly recommend Quantum Biofeedback therapy.

Tracey (age 39), Warrnambool


I visited the Wellness Centre because I was having great trouble sleeping, and suffered from constant itchy skin. Obviously I was very tired alot of the time due to my poor sleep patterns, and found my itchy skin to be very difficult to deal with. I received Quantum Biofeedback therapy at the Wellness Centre and the results have been great. My skin is no longer itchy and my sleeping patterns are back to normal. I'm very grateful, and would highly recommend the Biofeedback to others

Daisy, 75 Portland


My eight year old boy, Geordie, suffered with symptoms of low energy, headaches, and learning difficulties. Geordie would always get upset about his school work, because he had such difficulty with comprehension. He never wanted to do his homework. Geordie saw Justin at the Wellness Centre for Spinal Balance and Quantum Biofeedback therapy. I have been so pleased with the results. Geordie was bottom level maths. Now he is in the top half! Reading has improved dramatically. Books that Geordie couldn't read a couple of months ago he can now read easily. Geordie now loves to do his homework, and reads aloud with confidence. Geordies energy has improved, and he rarely has a headache. Obviously from the results we have received, I would highly recommend Spinal Balance and the Quantum Biofeedback therapy at the Wellness Centre.

Raylene Warrnambool


I decided to visit the Warrnambool Wellness Centre after hearing about the Quantum Biofeedback Therapy and  behavioural problems with children, and I had a six year old boy who was simply out of control. Dylan had progressively got worse over time, and had got to the stage where he would kick and scream everyday about going to school, and became totally disobedient. He was also hurting himself, and seemed like he was "possessed". This was incredibly upsetting, and I couldn't find any help. Not only was Dylan's behaviour hurting himself, but was upsetting to everyone in the family. I would dread getting out of bed everyday because I knew it would be such a struggle. This went on for a long time. After speaking to Justin on the phone about Dylan's situation, I booked him in on the Quantum Biofeedback machine. I noticed changes in Dylan after the first treatment and after subsequent visits the changes become more and more noticeable. He became much more relaxed, and also began to smile again. He stopped hurting himself and would happily go off to school everyday. I can honestly say that since the Quantum Biofeedback therapy began, Dylan is a completely different child. Many people, including family members and teachers have remarked about the changes and asked what I have done with him. I happily tell them about the Quantum Biofeedback therapy. If you have a child suffering with some type of behaviour problem, whether severe or mild, I would highly recommend Quantum Biofeedback therapy at the Wellness Centre. It has certainly changed our lives

L.M, Warrnambool


My five year old boy Jarrod has suffered with a wide range of symptoms. These included regular bouts of tonsillitis, extremely bad asthma where he ends up in hospital, getting colds regularly and not being able to throw them off. He was also quite an emotional boy, crying and calling out if mum is out of sight. Jarrod also suffered regulary with ear infections, and had speech problems. He didn't like kinder, which made him feel scared. Jarrod has received a lot of treatment with doctors and specialists, on regular high levels of antibiotics for long periods of time. I would describe Jarrod as being sick most of the time. I was at the end of my tether. I had to find answers, and regular trips to the hospital were very difficult. The therapy Jarrod received at the Wellness Centre was a combination of Spinal Balance and the Quantum Biofeedback therapy. Since receiving therapy at the Wellness Centre Jarrod has made big improvements. His asthma has improved a lot. He has no ear infections, and no antibiotics, which is fantastic. His fear levels have gone right down, and he is so much more relaxed. I couldn't more highly recommend Quantum Biofeedback therapy, and I know that we are on the right track. If your child is having any problems make sure you try the Quantum Biofeedback therapy.

Robyn Warrnambool


My three year old boy Todd, visited the Wellness Centre with a wide range of ailments. These included bouts of tonsillitis, ongoing behavioural issues that were affecting everyone in the family. He had also lost his appetite. Todd also had fluid in his ears all the time, and he was constantly getting colds that would last for weeks! The therapy that Todd has received to this point were regular visits to the doctor, antibiotics all of the time, and visits to the ear, nose and throat specialists. This required stronger antibiotics. After all of this the symptoms continued all of the time. Todd was always sick. As his mother, I was tired of having to deal with sickness all the time, and Todd hated taking medicine, Todd received the Quantum Biofeedback therapy and Spinal Balance treatment at the Wellness Centre.  His symptoms included low immunity, digestive problems and allergies. Todd was very stressed, and this was having a detrimental effect on his behaviour, Since receiving therapy at the Wellness Centre, Todd has not had tonsillitis. He doesn't have fluid in his ears, and he doesn't get colds. He had not been near a doctor or a specialist. His behaviour has improved dramatically. Would I recommend Quantum Biofeedback therapy to others? A BIG YES.

Rowena Warrnambool


After hearing about the Quantum Biofeedback therapy from a friend, I took my daughter Sarah to see Justin. Sarah has always suffered from Asthma, and her physical health has not been good at all. Sarah has always suffered greatly with fatigue. Most nights she wouldn't eat tea and would be in bed by 6:30pm. She was always grumpy and sooky. She was not nice to family and friends. Sarah would have regular time off school. She couldn't concentrate. She would often get home from school and just sleep. Sarah had dark rings under her eyes from fatigue. She couldn't keep up with the other kids. Sleep overs were also out of the question due to her coughing fits, and the special bedding that she required. The therapy that Sarah has received in the past was steroids and asmol pumps. Since receiving the Quantum Biofeedback therapy with Justin at the Wellness Centre, the changes have been amazing. Sarah is now jumping out of bed with a smile on her face, and ready to go. Her eating has improved a lot. She can now concentrate properly. Her eyes look healthy. Sarah has grown up heaps. She is doing much more for herself instead of relying on others. She is full of energy! Sarah even says she is much happier. I can't believe the result Sarah has received from the Quantum Biofeedback therapy in such a short amount of time. Now she smiles instead of feeling negative. If you have a child with a health issue, I would highly recommend the Quantum Biofeedback therapy at the Wellness Centre.

Jodie J. Warrnambool


I took my daughter Chloe to the Wellness Centre because she was very restless at night. She would be awake every couple of hours. At three years of age, I had tried everything. After taking Chloe to the Wellness Centre for the first time she seemed much more relaxed. After the second visit she was sleeping all night and was much happier. It was such a relief. I was absolutely exhausted when she wasn't able to sleep. I was amazed at the difference that the sessions made. I'm so sorry I didn't find this therapy earlier, as I am now enjoying Chloe a lot more because we are both getting full nights sleep. Previously to seeing Justin I had taken Chloe to a doctor and chiropractor with no result. With Justin, Chloe had a combination of  both Spinal Balance and Quantum Biofeedback therapy. Chloe's spine was out of alignment, which Justin corrected. I had had spinal problems in the past, so decided to have my spine checked by Justin. After receiving the Spinal Balance corrections my spine has never felt better. I would highly recommend these sessions to anybody, and now have a much happier child, and I am really enjoying her so much more.

L.D (age 33) Warrnambool


I took my grandson Nicholas, who is five years old to see Justin at the Wellness Centre, because he was still wetting the bed all the time. He would wet several times through the night, and I would have to get up twice a night to take him to the toilet. Nicholas was also very un-coordinated and lacked confidence when running or playing ball games. He had trouble climbing and became very scared when he had to climb anything. Nicholas generally had very low confidence. The sessions Nicholas received at the Wellness Centre was a combination of the Quantum Biofeedback therapy and spinal balance. We have seen such a huge difference in Nicholas. He no longer wets the bed! This is a major change to our lives. His co-ordination has also improved. He now hits the cricket ball and kicks the football a lot better. As for his climbing, he now climbs to great heights and is excited about it! Nicholas is now a lot more active and has become good at riding his bike with no training wheels. His balance is good. I would certainty recommend Quantum Biofeedback and spinal balance  to other children (and adults). Just to see the improvement in Nicholas is great. Even his kindergarten teachers have noticed a real change in him. Thanks Justin

Gayle (age 57), Warrnambool


For a long time I was feeling tired and flat. I wasn't feeling well at all, and I heard about Horsham Ultra Health about their Quantum Biofeedback treatment. I thought I might as well give it a go as I had nothing to lose. The results I have received from the Quantum Biofeedback therapy have been unreal! I feel fantastic and twenty years younger. I would reccommend this therapy to anyone who is feeling low.

D Wood (age 42), Beulah


For the past few years I have felt unwell, tired, and generally not myself emotionally and physically. This year I had been unwell with the flu and could not seem to shake it. After several courses of antibiotics and still not well, I decided to contact Horsham Ultra Health. Since my Quantum Biofeedback therapy I have felt more energy, and have not felt this good for a long time. The Quantum Biofeedback picked up where my system was out of balance. It also highlighted a dairy allergy that I wasn't aware of. I have recommended the Quantum Biofeedback therapy to other people already, and have encouraged my family to also have the Quantum Biofeedback sessions.

Julie W, Nhill


After having Quantum Biofeedback therapy at Horhsm Ultra Health, I have felt much more energised and have lost 9kg of excess weight.  My sugar cravings and appetite have reduced.  Previously I suffered fatigue and lethargy, and my body was very acidic.  I have just started my two children with the therapy and hope to get great results with them also

H.B, 36, Dimboola


For over 20 years I have had frequent daily nose bleeds (up to 4 times a day), due to inflammed sinuses.  I have sought help with Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists, who were able to give me some temporary short term relief.  However the nose bleeds would always return, and I just basically learnt to live with it.  After 4 Quantum Biofeedback sessions, my nose bleeds ceased! I had mentioned that I had severe sinusitis, but held little hope of seeing any improvement.  The whole process had not only been very interesting, but also very welcome!  Safe to say, I will be continuing with Quantum Biofeedback therapy.

P.R, 50, Birchip


My youngest son (12 years old) had difficulty concentrating. He would often be off with the fairies, which was creating a problem at school. At times he was withdrawn and irritable. Over the years he'd been assessed by various professionals, but they were unable to pinpoint a problem. They just said he was wired a little bit differently. Since having the Quantum Biofeedback therapy, he has truly blossomed. His temperament has improved dramatically. He is more jovial and motivated, and more interested in life. His recent school report also reflected his increased awareness, and all the teachers comments were very positive. He'd had some digestive problems prior to sessions, which have also eased. I am certain that the Quantum Biofeedback therpy has brought about all these improvements, and I would encourage people to explore this process. I now have a happier and healthier son. That's what it's all about!

Before Quantum Biofeedback threapy I had no energy. I would battle through the day being a child care worker, which involves so much physical work and mental stress. I'd been to many doctors, as I was worried I could have stomach ulcers or cancer. My daughter told me about Quantum Biofeedback so I booked in at Horsham Ultra Health. Since treatment I am feeling fitter and have lost a few kg's. I now have that extra energy and nothing is really a chore now. I'm sleeping really well also.


Judy D. Horsham.

Required disclaimer: The Quantum Biofeedback system is to be used as a Biofeedback Multimedia system. It is designed for stress detection and stress reduction. The device does not diagnose or treat. For the diagnosis or treatment of any disease please contact your licensed physician. No claims are made of the system or of its results.